Real life/authentic learning:

We took the natural childhood delight of finding pennies and other coins on the ground and turned it into our son’s mini savings account. He has been collecting (and saving) every coin he has found since he was itty bitty and has watched the amount grow and change overtime.

We taught him the name and value of each coin, grouping, and converting to larger denominations. He really got a kick out of realizing he could cash in 25 pennies for a quarter and then 4 quarters for a dollar and so on. The lesson continues to this day. He saves some and makes informed choices when he decides to spend some.

Our son is now 7. He adds money earned through allowance and money from various holiday gifts to his savings. He has learned to decipher between impulse buying and buying what he really wants and the concept of saving for a purchase. If it’s a random purchase he contributes half of the cost and we pay the rest (LEGOS are expensive). Through his own understanding and choosing, he has saved an outstanding amount of money in his own personal piggy bank and he has toys, games, and whatnot that are valuable and meaningful to him.

The point of this post:
Real life lessons start at home and do not stop once a child enters formal schooling. Parents are the first and most important teachers in a child’s life and the lessons you teach your child at home will last a lifetime. Remember that and enjoy every moment .

Parents are relevant, indispensable, and must have the loudest voice in the education of their child. #Parentalrightsineducationmattermost

Just thought I’d share 🙂