Comment in quotes from B. Davis:

“How does this grab you? In the
history of the Social Security Program, NOT one president, Republican or Democrat, has made so many cuts in social security….. Until, Barack Hussein 0bama came to power.

0bama has made cuts 4 of the 7 years he has held office. HE increases spending, yet does not give us back OUR money that WE (and YOU when it’s your turn to collect) paid into the social security fund! It is time to PUSH BACK!”
~B. Davis

*Social Security is a SOCIALIST PROGRAM.

In a socialist system, the government makes a law to enforce and legalize the theft of your income.
The government officials and politicians tell you it’s for your own good and will benefit society as a whole.

Then, the people leading the goverment steal/keep a portion of the money for themselves, redirect the funds to sustain other specified OR unspecified govt. interests, and redistribute whatever amount is leftover to the people.

Socialism is theft from the worker to maintain the existence of a corrupt governmental system, to increase the personal wealth of the corrupt government officials running the system and holding the country hostage, and to expand government control over every aspect of your (the people being governed under socialism) life.

Socialism leaves EVERYONE wanting, needing, or demanding more. The socialist system is self-fulfilling.

Until…. the workforce is depleted and money runs out. Then you get a Communist system ruled by a tyrannical elite, run by a puppet government, and enforced by a militarized police force. A global, militarized police force, thanks to the SCN initiative led in the U.S. by DOJ Loretta Lynch.

Hussein 0bama,
Hillary Clinton,
Bernie Sanders,
(and the rest of the establishment mouthpieces for BIG government.)
^ NOT juggling to pay bills. NOT worrying about affording all of life’s taxes, fees, and fines. NOT struggling to provide for their families, keep a roof over their heads, or put nutritious food on their tables. NOT worried about the self-defeating affects of a government controlled public education enterprise on their children. NOT worrying about the increasing costs of basic healthcare. NOT worrying about the financial costs to survive today, tomorrow, or in the future.

YOU- Stuck with the outcomes of socialism and all of the things the people in charge DON’T have to contend with.

Believe it or not, we already have a fully entrenched system of socialism in the United States of America. Most, if not all, of the problems (crises) we are witnessing today are the direct result of increased socialism gradually implemented throughout our country over the last half century.

The young, dumb, and full of BS believe or want you to believe the system we currently have is authentic Capitalism. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every public institution and public program funded by and overseen by the federal government is a product of socialism. Public (tax derived) funds used for the alleged good of the public – a public comprised of those who paid into the tax-derived funds and more importantly, those who didn’t pay anything, but still benefit from the labors of others.

I’d go so far as to argue, the United States Federal government is based on the socialist system of government. The government itself produces nothing, yet reaps the profits and redistributes the income of the country’s working people to those who do not work (for whatever reason) and even to people living in other countries.

Government officials are paid for by you (if you pay taxes) to control your earned income and use your income however they see fit. If you weren’t forced to pay their salaries and numerous benefits through taxes, they would have to actually perform legitimate labor or produce something. Something other than creating more taxes, rules, and regulations that enable them to financially survive.

Government and government officials are the largest public institution and public service provider given to you by the government for your own good.

Whether you want or need any of it, isn’t a part of the equation. Whether you benefit from it or are harmed by it, isn’t a part of the equation. It just is and you have been conditioned to accept it as natural and normal. As good. As necessary. As reality. As life.

The initial big-name Capitalist families in the U.S.A. (Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, Ford, etc.) realized they could use socialism as a way to steal the nation’s wealth for themselves, increase their personal power, buy off government leaders, public institutions, and public officials, and maintain a monopoly over the Capitalist system. Capitalists used socialism to destroy the benefits of Capitalism for everyone else.

Now that socialism is the rule, not the exception, and more people are dependent on the system to survive, the government must expand socialism through abundant social programs and social services all paid for by the taxpayer. Increased government mandates, taxes, and fines must be imposed on the working class to keep the socialist con game going.

LESS is more.
Less for the working class. More for the non-working class and MUCH, MUCH more for the government, of course.

**I don’t believe we have full-fledged Communism just yet, but we are teetering on the brink.
The Affordable Care Act is a socialistic policy.
The fine for not having
insurance under the Affordable Care Act is a communistic policy.

Being punished for not complying with government forced socialism is communism.




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